Money Raised Oct. 2012

Thank you to everyone that helped up make the 2012 Blackwater Ukulele Festival a success.

The workshops and Raffle raised $269 for the Friends of Cypress Gardens!!

Thank you to all who volunteered

Cypress Gardens - Thank you to, Lowell, Will, Casey, Dwight, Kathy, Loretta, Joanne, Heather and the rest of the staff!! Thank you for providing the great venue and support!!

Volunteers from the Friends of Cypress Gardens - Joan Stearman, Hope Paul

Volunteers from the Lowcountry Strummers Olli and Mary Wendlin, Kerranna Williamson

The V-Tones - Noodle, Eden, Beritta, Kay, and Roger. Thank you Noodle for holding great workshop, helping me with the MC duties.

The Hula Sisters Kathy, Denise, Flo, Clarissa and Debbie with Woody announcing - Thank you for the great Hula Exhibition.

Lynn Mickelson - Charleston Hot Shots Bass bucket player.

Lynn Callohorano - Thank you for the wonderful strap donation for the raffle

William Long - For all the wonderful photographs.

Denise Primel from East of Maui Thank you for the great Hula performance and the donation and support of the festival with the great selection from East of Maui!

Mim - From Mims Ukes Thanks for coming down with all the cool ukes and donation!!

Shem Creek Music - Thank you for the wonderful display and donation for the raffle.

Cheryl, my wife, for putting up with me for 34 years and doing such a great job singing, playing, decorating, loading/unloading making signs, flyer, etc.

I also wanted to thank the folks that got up at open mic!!!