September Festival 2013

Blackwater Ukulele Festival 2013

Hi everyone!! The next festival is right around the corner on September 13, 2014.  I am just starting to post the videos from the 2013 festival and hope to have those done by the end of June.  I should have most of the open mic performers and the Charleston Hots Shots, V-Tones and Austin Palmer.  I hope all of those that attended can make it again this year and bring a friend.  We have some great performers and lots of fun this year. 
Jim 06/08/2014

V-Tone Rose of San Antone

More V-Tones Videos

Dave Open Mic

Maggie Open Mic

Maggie Open Mic (close up)

Cow Cow Boogie Group Strum

Lyn Open Mic

Dennis Open Mic