Money Raised Oct. 2011

Proceeds to be donated to the Doc Williams SPCA!!!   $178.50

Many thanks to all the participants and folks that volunteered their time and in some cases drove many miles to help:

Cypress Gardens - Thank you to Cowboy, Lowell, Will, Dwight, Kathy, Loretta, Joann, Heather and the rest of the staff!! Thank you for providing the great venue and support!!  

The V-Tones - Noodle, Eden,  Jeff and Jeff   Thank you Noodle for holding great workshop, helping me with the MC duties.  Thank you and and the rest of the band for the great closing set!!

Kathy and Woody Bach - Thank you for the great History of the Ukulele Performance

Lynn Mickelson - The Charleston Hot Shots Bass bucket player. 

Denise Primel from East of Maui  Thank you for the great History of the Ukulele Performance and  the support of the festival with the great selection from East of Maui!

Mim - From Mims Ukes Thanks for coming down with all the cool ukes and great prices!!

Cheryl, my wife, for putting up with me for 33 years and doing such a great job singing, playing, decorating, loading/unloading making signs, flyer, etc.

I also wanted to thank the folks that got up at open mic!!!